We have now covered about 10% of all functionality in M365 and/ or SharePoint online.

Hence the Elephant Sandwich metaphore

Over the past few days, we have been discussing and exercising a potential new tool for your organization and you have a role in that endeavor.

Deliberately we took you away from your day-to-day routine. We have been practicing on use cases for which you know everything there is to know, just like everybody else, or on a topic that we equally know little about. 

The tooling was the center of attention and of course, this set of exercises wasn’t completely random. 

Now we need to address the question:

Knowing what you know


Can we discus

What to do with that experience in your situation

Becoming a Microsoft practitioner

This was a head start in your path to becoming a Microsoft resource.

It’s a logical step to start on the Microsoft curriculum next.

  • MS 900 M365 Fundamental
  • PL 900 Power Platform Fundamentals

Start with those and decide how to continue after that. Ideally, you are supported by an M365/ Power Platform black belt. The Microsoft curriculum is very theoretical and what’s also important is that you find someone to encourage you to focus on what you don’t know yet. 

Hands-on training/ workshops also make a difference. 

Experience is as fleeting as an election promise if you don’t act on it and start putting in flying hours.

Start practicing

Don’t wait for a convenient time.

Go to Microsoft Learn

A seat in a functional governance team

You started this journey probably because you were asked to join in a discussion about a new IT system. 

The audience that you are part of is, by understatement, multi-disciplinary.

  • This is not why you went to law school in the first place. What we are about to start discussing has nothing to do with criminal law, divorces, or private law. Over time you landed in a company and now we are asking you to think, with the others, about a compliant IT service. Your legal input is requested in matters like personal data, and company policies about working with external partners. 
  • Maybe you are a security person. This is the place where you can propose your professional input on matters of physical, technical, and behavioral security stuff.
  •  As a pro from the information management department, now it’s time to be heard about document management, records management, information value, metadata, and search enablement.
  • Or you represent “the business” the ultimate users, the people that we provide with IT services. Bring demand to the table. Bridge the gap between IT and the user community (supply/demand)
  • What am I doing here as a communications person with all those IT geeks? It will be your role to translate what is discussed into understandable messages/ expressions for the user population. You will also be heard when you think that we design more than an organization can devour. You need to be strong. The others around the table will sometimes create wonderful solutions without considering a problem.