So many features in Microsoft 365

Expected result

In one hour you get a general idea about how Microsoft 365 is assembled. What features are available and for what use occasion.


In the teaching of Chemistry, the periodic system represent the constant arrangement of elements. We assume that since the Big Bang, nothing has changed in the setup of Hydrogen. 

The Microsoft periodic system is somewhat different. Just like Madonna, Microsoft changes every few months.

So, please don’t make print screens because once they are out of the printer they might be outdated. 

Just surrender and trust your intuition. Remember how much training you had on Facebook and LinkedIn. 


End-user training is vital but sometimes overrated. We advise the 1 hour and 5 minutes approach. A one-hour introduction emphasizing on how to use the basics of the tools and 5 minutes per week to repeat important skills and to introduce the new goodies.

Microsoft 365 or Office 365

Don’t try to fully understand it because it’s a licensing thing where M365 is for private or small business use and Office 365 is for Enterprise and Educational subscription models.

Don’t be surprised if it changes in the coming months.