For the trainer, the exercises are getting simpeler to explain or to introduce.

Just as we told you in one of the first labs, we switch from “Monkey See, Monkey Do” to “What do you think about this case?”. We are about to separate the boys from the men or the girls from the women

This exercise is about seeing right trough the look and feel of a website and it’s about reasoning about how to model the data.

Learning objectives

  1. Reason before you start hitting the keyboard.
  2. Analyze a website and re-create the logical idea behind it.

The exercise

Click the picture that leads you to Amazon Books.

  • Draw a Entity Relation Model that covers
    • book,
    • language,
    • genre,
    • author,
    • reviews.
  • We discuss the outcome of the design phase.
  • Recreate the model in a SharePoint site according to your updated design.
  • Show the result.

It can de done, even without getting into code. It’s also tricky this exercise.

Yes there is a string attached.