Each trainee is assigned to a site with an animal species. 

  • A for Ape
  • B for Bear
  • C for Cat
  • D for Dog
  • Etc. 

The trainer presents the very basics of creating a web page and you imitate what’s shown. You collect pictures, Youtube movies, text etc. for your specific animal and you create a wonderful animal page. 

Expected result

The staff member of Petroleux can create wonderful web pages with more than just a picture and some lines of text

  • Each participant starts with a wonderful page on their own site.
  • The title “test” and “lorem ipsum” are strictly forbidden. Use your imagination, Wikipedia or the rest of the Internet.

Basic Level

You can put text on a Word document, you can update it with headers, you can create a hyperlink and you can embed a picture. 

That’s all it takes!

Avoid the name “Test” for your site, library, page, or solution.

Take an imaginary topic or whatever you like to provide context to your audience. People are spending a lot of money on what you put into it. 

Good pictures, text, storytelling, and presentation make it “understandable” what you’ve created.

Lorem Ipsum is an alternative when you need placeholder text. Lorum Ipsum is a concept that uses all characters from the alphabet.