Design of process and Informatie Systems

Enterprise Content Management

  • Information Management & Data Governance,
  • Microsoft 365, SharePoint,
  • CMS-Integration,
  • IT landscape Integrated Governance & Security,
  • Landscape-integration,
  • Complex content migrations,
  • Automated labeling and classification,
  • Demand assessment and solution design. 

Baked Air Solutions

I work in an industry where people like to talk a lot but don’t always say much.

People in the English-speaking countries use “hot air” to describe complex language. The French use the words “aire brûlé”, while Germans say “heiße Luft.” They all refer to language that is too complicated. My goal is to communicate in plain language.

A sense of irony made me to chose the brand name.

I use the concept or brand “Baked Air Solutions” to describe Information Management in a simple way.