Design of process and Informatie Systems

Enterprise Content Management

  • Microsoft 365, SharePoint,
  • CMS-Integration,
  • IT landscape Integrated Governance,
  • Landscape-integration,
  • Automated labeling and classification,
  • Demand assessment and system design. 

Company information

Wim Mulders B.A.S.
Narcislaan 24
5551AR Valkenswaard (Dommelen)
The Nederlands

  • e-mail:
  • tel: +31652338473
  • Chamber of Comerce Eindhoven 71361081
  • Tax nr./ BTW NL001738636B98
  • Bank NL04 ABNA 0819 1867 40

Baked Air Solutions

I come from an industry where people thrive on hot air.

The English-speaking world speaks of “hot air.” the French say “aire brûlé” and Germans say “heiße Luft.” It all describes pompous, too-complex language to describe all kinds of subjects. An important goal of mine is to communicate in plain language. I do that with a little irony. That’s why the name!

Baked Air Solutions is an expression in which I explain Information Management in an accessible way.


A fictitious make-believe company with fictitious processes and merchandise. 

The idea behind this is that if future users, and certainly people who are part of a management organization, first must play, mess or fiddle with the “tooling”.

The investment is recouped twice over because the discussions are then more structured and based on experience.