Looking for a specialist

Good afternoon Sir, can I help you?


Hello Miss. Good afternoon. I’m looking for a specialist.


We have many specialists. May I ask what’s your concern?


I’m looking for a specialist that knows everything.


That will be very difficult because our specialists are all well trained in a particular part of the field. May I ask what’s wrong. Do you suffer heart failure, do you have a broken a leg or do you have trouble hearing or seeing? If you tell me exactly what you’re looking for, then I can tell you which specialist you need.


Oh, of course. Totally forgotten. I went to the doctor because of a strange spot on my back. He does not trust it at all and he advised me to go to the specialist. I got a referral to a dermatologist here.

No problem Sir. Dermatology, please follow route 72. Remind: If you scratch it, it won’t heal!

People that present themselves as specialists in everything, are probably quacks

The IT way


This is impossible in a single function. Even in the field that deals with (WordPress) websites or in the field of Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint, we are dealing with various specialties.

Broadly speaking, we recognize various specialties or disciplines

  • Requirements engineer / functional designer; the discipline that should clarify the needs of customers who have to look for the question behind the question, posing the tough questions like: “What do you want to solve?” or “Who is your audience?”   
  • infrastructure consultant
  • Developer
  • Web designer
  • UX (User Experience) design