Extra Terrestrial?

He/She/it has three hearts, eight legs, and brains scattered all over the body. He… is extremely good at playing hide and seek: can effortlessly imitate sea snakes, flatfish, and lionfish, …, and with his/her long tentacles literally spray a curtain of fog to confuse pursuers.
Moreover, it has a strong memory, and a copy has already been spotted that predicted the World Cup.

No wonder the octopus is doing well. In fact, the increase in the stock is spectacular: there are twice as many octopuses today as there were 15 years ago.


Maybe you see it as Hollywood amusement, but the truth is way more exciting. The news that we hear about area 51 is nothing more than a smoke screen to take away the attention of what goes on in area 52. 

Our legal department has been investigating whether these extraterrestrials are considered persons as defined in the Civil Code for years.

Hyperbathum Recovery

In 2018, Contoso Salvage (a Petroleux company since 2021) conducted an expedition to the Faroe Islands to recover a Hyperbathum. This operation started with an extraordinarily complex planning operation under tremendous time pressure. A ship was chartered, helicopters, and sea- and land going vehicles were loaded. In addition, all containers with food, and camping equipment had to be on board in less than 24 hours. During and after this expedition we have observed the utmost discretion. As usual, we even brought our expedition IT infrastructure.

It turned out to be a tremendous success and to this day no one has any idea what we did there.