Prepare for the training

This site is set up as a reference for guided training courses. The whole thing simply requires a coach with extensive experience in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint in particular.

The exercises described here are only guidelines to help students get started and to provoke a response. If you would like to participate in this, please contact us.

If you are the trainer yourself, there is no objection to making use of this material. Also, in that case, please contact us, and we can offer some more background material

Clean browser

Using multiple tenants in one browser, simply doesn’t work. Most people already use some kind of Microsoft cloud service. This will conflict with the trial tenant. That’s why we advise Vivaldi browser.

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Take no notes

Of course you can make as many notes as you want, but it is also important to realize that working with print screens and pointing buttons is of little use. Microsoft is sometimes like Madonna. It changes regularly.

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Design with a pencil.

Before hitting the keyboard, it’s vital that you first design with a no code or low code solution like a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask yourself what is your message and who is your audience. If the outcoem of that question leads to a web page. Your start with a design

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The labs

Teams, Yammer, and other Stuff

Introduction SharePoint SharePoint is all about content management and storage. Even OneDrive is basically a simplified SharePoint SharePoint once was a toxic concept. As often it was presented as something

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Introduction It’s a bit confusing. We’re going to talk about somewhat technical terms that define what you can do on a Teams environment or SharePoint site. On the other hand,

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Book finder

Introduction For the trainer, the exercises are getting simpeler to explain or to introduce. Just as we told you in one of the first labs, we switch from “Monkey See,

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What about your business?

After a few sessions of tinkering, now is the time to think about what this could mean for daily use.

This applies both to the people who have to continue with M365 and/or Power-Platform, as well as to the team that has to frame the change in an organization

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