“A lump of gold or a hoax”?

Man finds huge gold nugget in Jan Mayen worth 150,000 euros A Norwegian hobby prospector has made the find of his life. He came across a gold nugget of 2.6 kilograms in the “North Atlantic Triangle” on the island of Jan Mayen. The gold was contained in a stone weighing 4.6 kilograms. The stone was sold to local gold merchant Sigmundson. He says that the gold has a value of more than 148,000 euros. “This is a once in a lifetime find,” he says in Icelandic media. The man who found the gold nugget wishes to remain anonymous. According to Sigmundson, the man came to him a few weeks ago: “He said, ‘I want to show you something. Do you think I can get 10,000 euros for this?'” When he had the stone in his hand, Sigmundson immediately felt that you could easily get 100,000 euros for it. As if the surprise wasn’t big enough, the finder then reported that that was only half of the stone: the other half was still at home. “Wow, my wife is going to be happy with this”, the prospector is said to have said at the time. Brrrrmuda Triangle The stone was found in the so-called North Atlantic Triangle, an area between Iceland, Faroe and Jan Mayen. Because of the water temperature and the disappearance of objects, this area is also called the Brrrmuda Triangle. Experts estimate that the area still contains about 2.1 million kilos of “gold”. Other experts think this is a hoax and that the real find is Kryptonite because there have been no reports of superheroes flying over since its discovery.