What determines the matter of detail?

Some people get totaly bananas in a discussion about the definition or abstration of a process or activity.

If you ask a lawyer for the definition of a process, then you’ve got a different outcome as when you ask a microbiologist.


If you prefer to discuss context? Be my guest.

Take a short cycle process like peeling shrimp and ask a mother from Volendam what the activities are, she probably shows you a hand gesture and that’s it. By the time she finished the explanation, she has probably peeled 5 shrimp already.

But suppose those mothers haven’t got the time for peeling shrimp because they are too busy supporting their children in their singing career, then it’s time to develop a shrimp peeling robot.

To design a robot you need to define the individual steps and make it dumb enough for a machine to comprehend.

  1. Boil. Believe it or not but you’re doing the shrimp a great pleasure.
  2. Fixate
  3. Rotate
  4. Pull
  5. Separate