Processes and information systems design

Enterprise Content Management

  • Information management,
  • Microsoft 365, SharePoint,
  • Google Workspace,
  • Governance on an IT platform,
  • Landscape integration,
  • WordPress functional design,
  • Demand assessment and solution design.

Why is this brand name mentioning Baked Air Solution?

I come from an industry where people thrive on hot air.

The English-speaking world speaks of “hot air.” the French say “aire brûlé” and Germans say “heiße Luft.” It all describes pompous, too-complex language to describe all kinds of subjects. An important goal of mine is to communicate in clear language. I do that with a little irony. That’s why the name!

Please confront me when I violate my own boundaries

I am the person that you’ll be dealing with. This is my business, and it’s a one-man business. That is why I present myself in the first person singular.

Thinking out of the box is the leading quality. Of course, it all starts with identifying the box’s boundaries. 

Yes. He’s my son!

Clients and Collaborations


A make-believe company with a fictitious business. This site is used for awareness training on Microsoft 365 and/ SharePoint. 

The idea behind this is that if future users, and certainly people who have a seat in a management organization, first have to play, tinker, or fiddle with the “tooling”.

This investment of 12 hours pays out. Much because the discussions are more structured and based on experience.

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