Why this brand name; Baked Air Solution?

I come from an industry where people thrive on hot air.

People in the English-speaking countries use “hot air” to describe complex language. The French use “aire brûlé”, while Germans say “heiße Luft.” They all refer to language that is too complicated. My goal is to communicate in plain language. Ironically, that’s why I chose the name.

Please confront me when I violate my own boundaries

Yes. He’s my son!

Latest Bakes

SharePoint Stampede

SharePoint stampede. It doesn’t matter if we discuss Microsoft Teams or any form of SharePoint. The delivery method covers a spectrum from “let 1000 flowers bloom” and makes all buttons

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Why bother, what’s the fuzz with versioning There is a specific behavior that we try to tame. In the past, versions were created as new files, possibly with a version

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Greenfield Development

True greenfield development is like a air. You know it exists but you cannot see it. In system design there is always a legacy that needs to be taken into account. The greenfield approach however means that you always need to consider: what if we could do it again based on everything we know now

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This one is about inspiration The Pipo Equation: What is the root that makes the assy move and who is the clown that makes it all happen? My statement THE

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